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Name Opposite Parts

of you that get activated

by a specific life challenge

Two or more opposing parts of our inner self are often involved in action blocks and stuck points in our life: for example, a part of you that wants to quit your job and a part that doesn't.  Naming parts with opposing views about a challenging situation and getting to know them better is s key step in resolving action blocks and stuck points.

Image by Motoki Tonn


from parts of you that are activated

There's a calm, grounded part of our inner awareness that can view emotionally-charged parts of us with detachment and clarity. From this state, we can then shift into deep felt connection and understanding with these parts of us. Using expansive states to disidentify from emotionally-charged parts of you  is essential for doing shadow work in an enlivening, life-forward way.

Image by Motoki Tonn
Image by Andre Hunter
Image by Andre Hunter

Let Parts Express

to find out their emotions, needs and desires

In any stuck point or inner conflict in your life, there's a least one part of you that you've been unconsciously ignoring. Feeling into this part and letting it speak out loud  is one way to find out more about the inner logjam that's keeping you stuck in indecision, procrastination or depression.

Dialogue with Parts

to build inner trust and get to know them better

Talking to different parts of yourself might seem a bit odd at first. But given that a version of this simple self-discovery practice was good enough for the visionary psychologist C.G. Jung, it's worth trying!

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