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Living from the Whole Self:
An Introduction to Felt Connection

Felt Connection offers principles and practices for building deeper relationships with yourself and others—relationships that skillfully support psychological and spiritual growth. Our outer relationships faithfully reflect our relationship with ourselves. Give this, our first step in building co-transformational relationships is cultivating a more conscious and supportive relationship with ourselves.


In this class, you'll learn skills informed by spiritual disciplines, psychology and neuroscience for getting to know the inner energies that some psychologists call "parts"--some of the most creative and powerful elements within the human psyche. Instead of numbing out, judging, or rising above emotionally charged parts of you, you'll learn to work with them in ways that help you to live more true to yourself, your values and your unique potential.


These skills have changed our lives and our relationships in meaningful and unexpected ways, and we're excited to share them with you!  ​​​

Presentation in Class
Class Details


Six 90 minute online classes held once a week for six weeks



All classes are interactive, hands-on, experiential


Class Size

12 participants maximum


$250 USD (for 6 classes and downloadable class recordings)

POC scholarships available

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Class Topics


Class #1

Parts: The Source of Your Unique Potential​


Class #2

The Creative Force of Emotions, Needs and Desires

Class #3

The Anatomy of an Emotional Reaction: Why Intense Emotions Take You Over and What You Can Do About It​

Class #4

The Art of State Shifting in Building Co-Supportive Relationships

Class #5

The Structure of Stuck: Working with Conflicting Parts of Yourself​

Class #6
Inner Dialogue: A Transformational Shadow Work Skill

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Next Class 



September 6, 13, 20, 27, Oct 4, 11 (Wednesdays)



7:00-8:30 p.m. EDT


Registration deadline 

September 5, 2023 

To register

Email us

Refund Policy

100% refund if you cancel by 9/5/23. 50% refund if you cancel 9/7 through 9/14. No refunds after 9/14. No refunds for non-attendance or partial attendance.

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